Music is your choice!

What is it?


Listen and tweak!

The Soggl® app creates a fantastic visual image of what exploring and co-creating music is about!

You can toggle different sounds with the interchangeable instrument tracks that lets you combine the best musical ideas of your favourite artist, creating your favourite version of the song.

Just tap an instrument to bring forth an alternative inspired sonic idea that blends beautifully into the mix.


Go in depth!

Soggl is truly intuitive! You can easily explore the song by swiping the instruments, soloing them to hear what is playing and mixing the best ideas together. All with your finger.

Each song has the artists mark on it both audibly and visually.


Save and share!

When you have found your favourite combination of riffs, beats and melodies you can save it in the cloud and listen to it later. You can also share it with your friends on social media.

Let them hear what parts of the song that makes you bang your head and move your feet, and then compare with their awesome versions.


Soggl will launch in 2017, the journey towards the next innovative step in the music business starts now. Come aboard and subscribe to our newsletter!

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